Why GC/TEA is still the analysis of choice for explosives

05 Mar 2019
The Thermal Energy Analyser (TEA) is well-suited to the analysis of trace levels of nitrogen-containing explosives. GC/TEA has been routinely used as a work-horse in forensic laboratories around the world for decades due to its selectivity and the sensitivity it offers. GC/TEA has significant benefits over other techniques such as GC/MS, GC/FID and LC/MS. However, with the advent of high resolution-mass spectrometry instruments, scientists may question whether GC/TEA has any future in forensic science. This presentation will discuss the benefits of GC/TEA over other techniques, present a method for the analysis of 25 analytes of explosives significance, and discuss issues commonly encountered during explosives analysis.
Dr. Mark Landon, Technical Director - Ellutia