In the lab or in the field. Fast and easy DNA fingerprinting using Rapid DNA systems

05 Mar 2019

Rapid DNA technology emerged over a decade ago as a way of confirming a suspect’s identity while still in custody. First-generation rapid DNA systems were capable of generating full DNA profiles in under two hours. Improvements in size and usability of the Applied Biosystems™ RapidHIT ID systems have enabled additional usage in non-laboratory environments such as police booking stations and border checkpoints. Today, RapidHIT ID systems are used in a variety of applications around the world beyond arrestee testing: identifying samples from urgent cases, investigative lead generation, disaster victim identification, and installation in mobile labs.


Now under the stewardship of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the RapidHIT ID system is simpler to use and more efficient than ever before. In this presentation, we’ll discuss about the improvements to the performance and reliability that make the RapidHIT ID system the ideal system for rapid DNA applications in the laboratory, the police station, or the field abroad and at home.

Adam Shariff, Senior Manager, Project Management - Thermo Fisher Scientific