Crime scene investigation utilising the latest in laser & LED light source technology

05 Mar 2019

Since the late 1970’s, light technology has aided in the detection and visualization of vital evidence in criminal investigations. By collaborating with UK enforcement agencies, Home office, forensic services and UK academic institutions, the creation of more practical forensic Laser and LED systems have been invented. This technology has been trialed and endorsed by multiple agencies, and can detect latent fingerprints, sweat, urine, saliva, blood, and other biological traces during fluorescent examination. This presentation explores applications of these light sources to an array of scenarios from its use at routine crime scenes to that of mass disasters. This will be demonstrated by CopperTree Forensics with the support of Forensics Connect.

Stephen Murphy, UK and International Business Development - CopperTree Forensics
Jonathon Brooks , Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Leicester Director/Trainer/Consultant for Forensics Connect - University of Leicester, Forensics Connect, Coppertree Forensics