Amped FIVE: A single tool to manage the entire process, forensically and scientifically

05 Mar 2019
Amped Software's flagship product goes from strength to strength, and is now used by many UK forces, and close to 90 other countries worldwide. The power of Amped FIVE does not lie in a single function, but the unique way in which multiple tasks and questions can be answered within a single interface. FIVE allows users to manage, from the beginning to the end, the complete video analysis process from acquisition, to review, enhancement, comparison, and reporting. Learn how FIVE, as a single tool, can manage the entire process, forensically and scientifically.
This workshop will explain the Task/Question Process Workflow, and how it costs time and money when the wrong choices are made or questions cannot be answered. Forensic Video Units using Amped FIVE can complete tasks quickly and get those important questions answered without the need to outsource.
David Spreadborough, CFVA | International Trainer, Amped Software - Amped Software