Todd Ethan Lizotte

Todd Ethan Lizotte

Mr. Todd Ethan Lizotte is an entrepreneur, inventor, technologist, and author who continues to seek technological and business opportunities thru the application of Laser Microfabrication technology. As a co-founder of several high-tech startups over the last 30 years, Mr. Lizotte has demonstrated the critical impact that Laser Microfabrication has had within the industrial marketplace, by improving the quality and throughput of precision laser processes. Mr. Lizotte’s Laser Processing innovations have been applied directly to the microelectronics packaging, medical device and aerospace industries leading to over 24 patents, and lead to the acquisition of Lizotte’s company NanoVia LP a by Hitachi Ltd. Japan in 2003. Since leaving Hitachi in 2014, Mr. Lizotte has focused on two new businesses at TACLABS, Inc. (Forensics/Ballistics/Bioanalysis) and BOLD Laser Automation, Inc. (Microelectronics Packaging/Glass/Medical Device) in the USA.