Roy Isbell

Roy Isbell

Editor in Chief, Digital Forensics Magazine
A Businessman and Academic with over 30 years experience in Communications, Cyber and related fields with a goal to improve the way that we understand, integrate, monitor, manage and respond to events occurring within the overall cyber environment.

Publisher and Editor in Chief of the flagship publication; Digital Forensics Magazine (www.digitalforensicsmagazine.com). Now entering it's 8th year of publication, The magazine is published worldwide and routinely distributes to over 30 countries each quarterly issue. The magazine provides in depth articles relating to the world of Digital Forensics and Digital Investigations along with lab analysis of tools and techniques. It has a legal section looking at the latest legal happenings in the world of Digital forensics and provides a bridge between the rigour of an academic peer reviewed journal and the non academic technical magazine. One of the magazine aims is to bring the academic research into non academic language understood by the applied world.