Nicola Chemello

Nicola Chemello

Chairman, Securcube srl
Nicola Chemello is the chairman and co-founder of SecurCube s.r.l. and SecurCube Technologies Canada Inc, digital forensics companies specialized in phone records investigation, BTS survey technology, and software development. The company cooperates with international Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. He is an EnCE Encase®Certified Examiner, Physical analyst (CCPA), Mobile examiner (CCME), Ufed System specialist, Cellebrite Operator (CCO), former Oxygen and MSAB XRY forensic examiner. Registered at the Italian Court as CTU Witness Expert for digital examinations for several Prosecutors' offices on digital devices investigations. Mr. Chemello has been performing annual training sessions to public Authorities, lawyers, consultants, and digital experts. He is active in participating in refresher courses organized by global organizations. His publications reflect the constant evolution of skills gained by working side-by-side with Law Enforcement Agencies. The article “Correlating CDR with other data sources” published on the IEEE platform is based on his experiences in phone records and cell towers examination.