Martin Westman

Martin Westman

Product Specialist , MSAB

Martin has worked in the mobile device technology field since 1994. In 2004 Martin started working for MSAB as a mobile forensic specialist trainer. Having delivered more than a hundred training courses globally, Martin is well recognized in the digital forensic industry. Whilst mobile forensics is his main field of expertise, he has a longstanding awareness of digital and cyber forensics, and the challenges encountered in the industry. He oversees the work being done in Research and Development on the physical extraction and decryption capabilities in XRY, along with more specialized products for device penetration. Martin has a long history of leading workshops for government organizations and presenting at forensics conferences and seminars - HTCIA, F3, DC3, Mobile Forensics World, Techno Forensics and the Crimes Against Children Conference, to name a few. Martin is also part of the Interpol Digital Forensics Expert Group and has on several occasions, assisted law enforcement and government agencies in successfully acquiring mobile data from challenging and complex high-profile cases to support major investigations.