Jonathon Brooks

Jonathon Brooks

Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Leicester Director/Trainer/Consultant for Forensics Connect, University of Leicester, Forensics Connect, Coppertree Forensics

Jonathon completed his degree in forensic science at Teesside University, undertaking his dissertation in conjunction with Durham Police dog headquarters investigating the application of chemistry to the training of blood detection dogs. Jonathon is now undertaking a PhD in the department of chemistry at the University of Leicester, investigating the volatile organic compound (VOC) profile of decomposing material, in the intent of developing greater training aids for cadaver dogs as well as the creation of a more accurate method of determining post-mortem interval (PMI).

He has consulted in the training of national and international police dog handlers to inform them of the implications of using certain cadaveric material in the training of cadaver dogs.
Jonathon manages the research aspects of the taphonomy facility, collaborating and communicating with universities and forensic institutions worldwide to bring a world class research centre.