Jan Collie

Jan Collie

Principal & Senior Forensic Investigator, Discovery Forensics

Jan Collie is a highly qualified Digital Forensics and Cyber security specialist.  A  CUBS accredited Expert Witness with many hours' courtroom experience, she is certified for civil and criminal litigation. She has acted as both Expert and Single Joint Expert in High Court proceedings.

Jan has wide ranging experience in corporate and criminal investigations. In the private sector, clients have included City banks and broker houses as well as major corporates with issues such as IP theft, financial fraud, digital document fraud, system hacking and staff computer misuse. In criminal proceedings, Jan has acted for both the Defence and Prosecution with cases involving a large variety of serious charges such as Dark Web drug dealing, blackmail, cyberbullying, rape, murder and possession of indecent images.

Jan has a PhD in Digital Forensics Data Security and Cybercrime. She continues to keep herself at the leading edge in her field, typically completing more than 80 hours specialist training per year.   She is the Managing Director and Senior Forensic Investigator of Discovery Forensics Ltd.