Dusan Kozusnik

Dusan Kozusnik

CEO, Compelson

Dusan graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science as MSC with a focus on computer security, and during his studies founded Compelson Labs in 1991. He has been the chief architect of security software and hardware products since then.  In addition to creating a few worldwide successful products, with his team Dusan built the MOBILedit platform, starting modern phone forensics as we know it today. Currently he introduces the latest achievements of his team - the new MOBILedit which is able to extract and analyze an immense amount of data from almost any mobile phone, including deleted information in the shortest time possible. With ‘Live Updates’ technology you get updates of application analysis live and as often as needed.


As a world-renowned expert, Dusan travels extensively, speaks at conferences and helps governments effectively investigate content of mobile devices by building forensic labs and advanced trainings.


You are welcome at the Compelson booth to discuss possible cooperation.