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Claire Gwinnett

Dr Claire Gwinnett

Associate Professor in Forensic and Crime Science, Staffordshire University

Dr Gwinnett has been a lecturer in the Forensic and Crime Science department at Staffordshire University since 2004 and her current role is Principal Lecturer and the Faculty of Computing , Engineering and Sciences Manager for Student Experience. 

She is actively involved in forensic science research and pedagogy and also conduct consultancy in trace evidence. Claire’s areas of expertise include hair and fibres, glass and paint, proficiency testing and forensic database production.  Her research interests include the development of trace evidence databases, the development of new fibre analysis methods, textile damage, transfer and persistence studies, the development of forensic science training for lawyers and the use of multiple choice questions in determining competency in forensic practitioners. She has acted as a reviewer for forensic science journals and textbooks.

Currently, Claire is working with UK Police forces in the testing of a new method, developed and patented at Staffordshire University, which will enhance forensic fibres work.  She also conducts consultancy in hair analysis and is particularly interested in wildlife crime.  Claire has presented research at national and international forensic science, higher education and law conferences.  Claire is an advisor to the Forensic Science Society in the development of a new accreditation scheme for forensic practitioners and also a consultant advisor to the International Association for Identification’s (IAI) Professional Programs Quality Assurance Governing Board (PPQAB).


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