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Alex Caithness

Alex Caithness

Principal Analyst, CCL Forensics
Alex has been involved in the field of digital forensics for about 9 years, but has been tinkering with computers since he was about 6 (what a nerd). He’s currently a Principal Analyst at CCL Group, working as part of the complex case team a role he moved into after serving as one of the founding members of CCL’s R&D department. He’s rarely happier at work than when he’s sat in front of a hex editor trying to reverse engineer data which has been stored by some apparently sadistic programmer. Alex is a keen programmer and is especially fond of the Python language which he evangelises to the point of probably coming off a bit weird. As well as writing a bunch of scripts to help deal with new and exciting data, he has developed an assortment of bigger tools, most recently “ribbon” which is a “data exploration tool” that he’s quite proud of. Over the course of his time at CCL Alex has written and delivered a range of training, including courses on Python, data fundamentals, database forensics and training covering the use of the tools he’s built. He’s also been very privileged to be asked to give talks for such fine and esteemed establishments such as F3 on a number of occasions. This provides him with an opportunity to get overexcited about blocks of hex in front of a wider audience than normal. When not at work Alex spends most of his free time making very loud noises in various bands, playing computer games (what a nerd) and listening to podcasts and Radio 4.

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