Adam Shariff

Adam Shariff

Senior Manager, Project Management, Thermo Fisher Scientific

After graduating at Liverpool John Moores University in 1995, Adam joined The Forensic Science Service, UK to work on forensic DNA and Human Identification applications for the UK Criminal Justice System and the UK’s National DNA Database.  Holding Operational and Research & Development roles, Adam was pivotal in building the world’s first high throughput DNA automation processing lines, generating 10’s of thousands DNA profiles from arrestees and unknown donor crime stain samples.

During a period working for the UK Home Office at the National DNA Database, Adam was instrumental in implementing a step change to the DNA profiling methods used in the UK, including the Applied Biosystems™ NGMSElect™ DNA profiling chemistry.

Joining Thermo Fisher Scientific in early 2018, Adam has taken on the next challenge to integrate Rapid DNA processing technology into the worlds of Criminal Justice, Border Control and Military applications, taking the technology from the lab to the point of contact.

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