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Seminar Programme

In these tutorials, forensic experts talk about their successes, challenges and lessons learnt to improve your expertise and find out about latest project efficiencies and investigation skills to further progress your career. 

06 Mar 2018
  1. Seminar Theatre
    This presentation will provide an overview of Dried Blood Spot (DBS) technology and its potential utilisation in forensic sciences.
  2. Seminar Theatre
    The presentation will cover the latest product advancements in fingerprint development techniques for porous, semi porous and porous materials.
  3. Seminar Theatre

    This presentation will demonstrate that new imaging technologies may be integral to  successful  facilitation and handling of the wide variety of forensic documentation and workflow for the 21st Century enquiry.

  4. Seminar Theatre
    Over the past few years Forensic Vacuum Metal Deposition has shown significant potential for developing fingermarks on exhibits where other processes have been unsuccessful. A key example of such exhibits are fired ammunition casings, which are known to be extremely challenging to develop useable ridge detail on. 
  5. Seminar Theatre
    EVISCAN acquires latent fingerprints absolutely contactless and without any necessary prior treatment: purely optical. The fingerprint residues are literally scanned and transferred into abuilt-in image enhancement software.
  6. Seminar Theatre
    Any situation which requires Forensic Post Mortem services, presents unique, time sensitive and critical needs for Authorities and Pathologists responsible for conducting investigations.
  7. Seminar Theatre
    Technology is driving our world. 3D Laser Scanning Technology (LIDAR) is being used for major crime scene analysis and aids investigations by freezing the scene in time in a 3D environment. 
  8. Seminar Theatre
    Latent fingermarks are comprised of a complex mixture of organic and inorganic components that exhibit broad chemical variability. Fingermarks are dynamic compositions prone to degradation over time and in varying environmental conditions. The complexity of latent fingermark chemistry has led to an abundance of literature over a number of years utilising various analytical techniques, which have endeavoured to provide a greater understanding of these complex chemical systems.
  9. Seminar Theatre
    The diversity and availability of drugs of abuse, including novel psychoactive substances, requires an expanding list of targets to be included in screening methods. Larger databases are developed to appropriately detect potential drugs for confirmation.
  10. Introducing the SARCS-LED and DB Ultra-Laser
  11. Seminar Theatre
    Revolution in application analysis based on Live Updated • Physical analysis, recovering deleted artifacts • Optimal workflow to get maximum data • Cooperation with other tools such as UFED • Image recognition based on deep learningelson
  12. Seminar Theatre
    The advent of the smartphone, tablet, and other mobile technologies gave rise to a generation of smarter mapping tools, and crash and crime scene investigators have broader access to affordable, field-to-office solutions that streamline the data collection and mapping process.
  13. Seminar Theatre
    The Forensic Science Regulator set deadlines for all providers of digital forensics evidence to the Courts (prosecution and defence), to be accredited to both “BS/EN ISO/IEC 17025” and The Forensic Science Regulator’s “Codes of Practice and Conduct” by October 2017.
  14. Seminar Theatre
    This presentation will demonstrate first-in-the-industry forensics tools with groundbreaking collaboration capabilities, workflow automation, data visualization and UI customization features.
  15. Seminar Theatre
    The software that redefined forensic image restoration has evolved into the single, most powerful, application in a Forensic Video Analyst’s toolbox. 
07 Mar 2018
  1. Organised by Digital Forensics Magazine: Working with our authors and industry partners we have identified four speakers to provide as broad a series of talks, exploring such aspects as training, standards and legal, investigations and case studies.
  2. With the onset of countless connected devices, apps, and media, the need for storage and access to stored data grows every day. The answer seems to be the cloud.
  3. Seminar Theatre
    Let’s talk about the latest digital forensics techniques for Cell Site Analysis (CSA) and forensics radio survey, namely BTS investigation, thanks to which every player can catch the best evidence correlation, figuring out reliable results of unexpected fields hidden to a traditional one-way mobile forensics examination process.
  4. Seminar Theatre
    Instant Messengers are now everywhere. Crucial information on communication between victim and suspect or between suspects can be found inside. It is obviously impossible for a forensic examiner to know all peculiarities of each and every messenger: where the history is stored, what is the format, how to decrypt (if encryption is involved).
  5. Seminar Theatre
    Beyond all doubt, all the vital evidence is stored in apps: contacts, group and private chats, plans, geo coordinates, cache and much more. But it is not enough to parse apps databases
  6. Seminar Theatre
    Searching seized computers for files is a slow process, consuming valuable man-hours, delaying availability of evidence, and causing backlogs in many digital forensics labs.
  7. Seminar Theatre
    Many mobile devices have had a shift in their data storage from local on the device to being located in the cloud. Understanding the process of the App access to the cloud and how to use that access to acquire the data from this new level of digital evidence is critical for a forensic examiner.
  8. Seminar Theatre
    Amped Authenticate is the only application available that integrates every aspect of image authentication into a single, easy to use package.
  9. The LabCube is one of mh-SERVICE’s newest developments, it is a completely independent and self-sufficient mobile IT-forensics laboratory.

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