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Buried Treasure: The underwater crime scene can provide a rich source of evidence.

06-Feb-2017 by: Carol Jenkins, The Investigator

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If a crime has been committed where evidence or a body is concealed underwater, then there is a good chance that investigators can retrieve valuable evidence that can often prove the difference between a won and lost case.

Forensic search specialist Peter Faulding has built up a wealth of experience in searching the underwater crime scene for evidence. He also uses state of the art sonar equipment which he first pioneered in this country after witnessing its success rate in the US.

As well as being called in to provide advice to forces on crimes, Mr Faulding also provides help on locating drowning victims. Over the summer, he was involved in six incidents where young people had lost their lives through drowning.

“A common misconception among the public is that if they jump into a river in the summer
then the water is going to be hot. In fact, river water is cold and it literally takes your breath away and it grips your chest,” explained Mr Faulding.

“People need to almost drown proof themselves. What they do is panic and wear themselves out, they take a mouthful of water and then go down. We advise people
to hold their breath and your body is naturally buoyant. You will eventually drift to the side and probably survive.”

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