• Forensic Proficiency Testing Services is delighted to announce that the UK’s accreditation body, UKAS, has awarded us ISO 17043 accreditation (“ISO/IEC 17043:2010 – Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing”). This is a major achievement considering we only launched our services in September 2016.

  • Belkasoft rolls out an update to Belkasoft Evidence Center 2018. The new release adds remote extraction ability for more than 30 unique cloud services, enhances hibernation file analysis for Windows 10 computers, and adds support for the latest encryption standard in WhatsApp messenger.

  • As the demand for forces to work smarter with the way they detect and process digital evidence continues unabated, one police force has recruited two canine crime fighters to help improve their response.

    In a UK first – Devon and Cornwall Police has trained two Digital Storage Detection Police Dogs to be deployed at crime scenes to sniff out data devices such as mobile devices, USB sticks, SD cards, hard drives and computers.

  • The Queens Award

    17 Oct 2017

    The Queen’s Award for International Trade has been awarded to Bigneat in recognition of its outstanding short-term growth in overseas sales of 163% over the past three years.

    The Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire officially presented the award on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen on the 17th October 2017.


  • Forensic Proficiency Testing Services provides proficiency tests for forensic scientists, designed by forensic scientists. Our customers include police forces, forensic science providers and universities, in the UK and now, in several countries around the world.


  • Find Digital Evidence Faster with Cyan Examiner

    27 Apr 2017 Ian Stevenson, CEO, Cyan Forensics

    Cyan Forensics is launching it's first product, Cyan Examiner, at Forensics Expo Europe 2017. Cyan Examiner helps digital forensic analysts find evidence fast, getting evidence in minutes where current processes take many hours.

  • We're always working on new forensic systems based on forensic process flow for delivering the most reliable result for investigators. Let's take a quick look at the features of this system before it is finally released.

  • Platinum Sponsor, SceneSafe, will be showcasing cutting edge technology for crime scene investigation. SceneSafe will also have a crime scene test room which will be a black out room for biological sample visualisation using Forenscope Multi-spectral imaging device.

  • New Generation LASER & LED light source products at Forensics Europe Expo

    26 Apr 2017 Fiona McGann, Tech-Long Indsutry Ltd

    Visit stand 1 -F36 at the Forensic Expo (Olympia-3rd and 4th May) and see our New Generation LASER & LED light source products, redefining crime scene investigation. The DBLED (Pictured) has dual wavelength capacity, operating at 445nm and 530nm, avoiding wavelength 'bands' that current LED light source products operate at. 

  • Richard Berry will be among the lead speakers at the conference on the digital forensics day on May 3, when he will speak about how British policing is rising to the challenge of the growing cyber threat as well as the wider technology challenges they are current facing.

  • Comparator microscope which combines digital microscopy of USB connections. This new tool, which is useful in forensic sciences, allows capturing and comparing in real time.

  • Some results of experimentation about fingerprints developed on metallic surfaces

    12 Apr 2017 Carlos Diribarne - Mariana Ayas Ludueña

    An experiment was carried out to test the effectiveness of different brushes: marabou feathers duster, squirrel hair brush, camel hair brush, fibreglass brush, carbon fibre brush, and magnetic applicator. 

  • New Mobile Forensic System Coming Soon

    10 Apr 2017 SalvationDATA

    As an innovation-oriented company, we're constantly innovating to meet customers'demand. And we're excited to announce today that our new SPA(SmartPhone Forensic Triage Acquisition) is coming out very soon.

  • LINDON, UT--(Marketwired - April 04, 2017) - AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, today announced the release of AD Lab 6.2, a new version of ...
  • ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. updates Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp, the company's all-in-one tool for extracting, decrypting and analyzing WhatsApp communication histories. In its first major update, the tool receives full Android support for both rooted and non-rooted devices. At this time, experts are offered a wide range of local and cloud acquisition options for several platforms.

  • ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. updates Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, the company's mobile acquisition tool. Version 6.40 gains the ability to recover deleted Safari browsing history records from multiple sources, including deleted records stored in iCloud. ElcomSoft has discovered that Safari browsing records marked as â??deletedâ?? are actually still being stored in the cloud, and managed to pull these records with its mobile acquisition tool.

  • Intensive read, also referred to as compulsory read, is the data recovery method that increases the recovery intensity while extracting data from defective hard drives with bad sectors. The increase of intensity is reached through the increase of current, which is only used when necessary data is not accessible using normal method.

  • With the continuous development of data recovery technology, techniques for data recovery from logic layer of discs are constantly improving. Yet there remains a great challenge: how to recover fragmented files. Through a case study of fragmented files in XFS file system, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province will explain in this issue how to recover fragmented files based on XFS file system.

  • Adam Equipment, a leading provider of weighing instruments worldwide, will be an exhibitor at Forensics Europe Expo from 3-4 May 2017 at Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.During the expo, Adam will spotlight its TFT towing force transducer, along with the HCB M Highland approved portable precision balance, and Nimbus precision and analytical balances.

  • mh-SERVICE visits Britain

    30 Mar 2017 Jamie Clarke

    mh-SERVICE...Our Experience â?¦ your benefit. With 20yrs' experience mh-SERVICE is a leading provider of handmade products & services related to computer forensics. Speed. Storage. Processing. Decryption.

  • MOBILedit Forensic Express enters a new era by adding physical extraction and analysis for Android, and it is now a native 64-bit application providing more power and stability than ever before. Version 4.0 brings in total 359 improvements making MOBILedit Forensic Express a must-have comprehensive forensic tool for any lab.

  • One of the greatest contributions that Argentina has made to Criminalistics was the creation of the scopometric method. Its application has allowed the identification of elements such as cartridge cases and bullets (in its beginnings), documents, signatures, plastic cards and even, it is useful for paper-money and coins.

  • Securcube s.r.l., the leading digital forensics company in the field of cell site analysis (CSA) and BTS real coverage measurement at the crime scene, announces the latest successful projects: Securcubeâ®PhoneLog ADV, v 4.6 and Securcube®BTS Tracker standalone, v 1.0. The technology released, attentive to the daily investigative needs on global level, breaks into the market with an updated streamlined approach up to the latest digital forensics requirements.

  • In every branch of forensic science, we have to fight with the falsehoods introduced by the popular series la CSI (hence the properly called CSI effect), but probably this belief is the strongest in the field of forensic image and video analysis. From endless zooming from satellite imagery, to enhancing the reflection of a reflection of a reflection, to identifying faces or fingerprints at an unbelievable pace, we very often have to explain, even to the experts, what is science and what is fiction.