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  •    It gives a wide floor level light beam which is ideal for detecting and photographing surface debris, shoe prints and any other micro traces evidence on the ground and wall

  • Integrated design of white strong light and multi-band light source meets the requirements of actual use.

    Within the detection range, the wavelength of the instrument can be rapidly switched to detect various suspicious material evidence, traces, fingerprints, body fluids, semen stains, etc.

    Color separation photography can be performed.

    Treat the material evidence or its fluorescence with the excitation reagent of a particular wavelength.

  • 1. Detect the fluorescence reaction of the material evidence such as fingerprint (on metal surface, plastic mat and duplicating paper), saliva, seminal stain, bloodstain trace, urine trace, fiber, bonesnap, and the gunshot residue on the textile.

    2. Searching for hidden material evidence.

  • From crime scene investigation and court room evidence, to lab equipment and digital analysis, Forensics Europe Expo is the only place for leading professionals to see the latest products and services in action.

  • How can compliance software help? With all of the documents and processes needed to achieve and maintain various forensic laboratory accreditations (including ISO 17025) managing them in a paper-based environment can be difficult.

  • Mobile Forensics: Not for Dummies

    08 Dec 2016 ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

    ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. has published Mobile Forensics ?? Advanced Investigative Strategies by Oleg Afonin and Vladimir Katalov. The 7-1/2" x 9-1/4" paperback offers 380 pages of insight and knowledge accumulated by ElcomSoft researchers throughout the years. Amazon Kindle Edition as well as DRM-free PDF versions are available from Amazon and PACKT Publishing respectively.

  • Forensic Triage Unit

    23 Dec 2016 Adam North

    SceneSafe have developed a new division offer specialist vehicles custom built for the forensic industry. This division is born out of commitment to providing a bespoke solution and we have partnered with a industry expert conversion company to build a new forensic triage unit for the British Government.

  • Oxygen Forensics, the worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, announced today that it has expanded the number of sources from which it gathers vital evidence by adding data extraction from SIM cards.

  • CLIMS Forensic Laboratory Management Platform strengthen the solution portfolio with extended Digital Forensic and Kinship/Paternity modules. VERISIS is a more then 25 years old international company with a mission to help forensic people to do more, to do better, to do faster and to feel better.

  • If a crime has been committed where evidence or a body is concealed underwater, then there is a good chance that investigators can retrieve valuable evidence that can often prove the difference between a won and lost case. Forensic search specialist Peter Faulding has built up a wealth of experience in searching the underwater crime scene for evidence.

  • Regulation Requirements: A root and branch reform of the way forces process forensic evidence is underway with the introduction of the ISO17025 international standard. Forensic Regulator Dr Gill Tully talks to Carol Jenkins about the progress made so far.

  • Digital Time Bomb

    07 Feb 2017 Carol Jenkins, The Investigator
    As the service digests the findings of the recent HMIC report into police efficiency, Giles Herdale, who leads the NPCC Digital Intelligence and Investigation programme, suggests it needs to take a stark look at its existing structures and processes in order to bring about lasting change.
  • Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, announced today that its flagship product, Oxygen Forensic Detective 9.2, now features the ability to extract WebKit data from iOS and Android devices, saving critical time in accessing webmail and the content of visited pages.

  • Oxygen Forensics, the worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, announced today that it is teaming with Passware Inc. to provide customers the ability for instant extraction of iOS Photo Stream files.

  • Far more than your average desktop passport scanner; the touchscreen VSC QC1+ enables check-in, immigration, and border control staff to perform forensic-level checks on a passport or ID card in a matter of seconds.

  • LIMS v's QMS

    13 Mar 2017 Juliann Poff

    LIMS versus QMS: What Are They and Do I Need Both? If I run a laboratory, do I need one of these or do I need both? So let us start with a description of the two systems. A LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System or sometimes also referred to as a LIS Laboratory Information System or a LMS Laboratory Management System.

  • Gunshot Residue Analysis in the SEM with AZtecGSR is fast and accurate: it gives reproducible Gunshot Residue Analysis results to ASTM E1588 - 10e1. AZtecGSR combines ease of use through its guided workflow, with the ultimate accuracy using the latest x-act or X-MaxN detectors and Tru-Q algorithms.

  • ANATOMAGE TABLE 5 - new features

    14 Mar 2017 ANATOMAGE INC.

    Anatomage Table 5 features the highest-quality imaging software to examine real human anatomy. New ultra-high quality (UHQ) visualization is available for all clinical cases and loaded scans while the touchscreen display provides instant access to photorealistic human anatomy.

  • New Latent Print Development Kit

    14 Mar 2017 ADN Criminalistica
    New specialized kit for development and lifting latent fingerprints from the scene. The kit combines different types of brushes and regular, magnetic and fluorescent powder for any kind of situation, including: Medium size aluminum case Large size Magnetic Applicator Fiberglass Brush.
  • Oxygen Forensics, the worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, announced today Oxygen Forensic Detective Enterprise license which allows users in different locations or departments to access specific cases that utilize Oxygen Forensics products from any computer and/or location.

  • As a world-leading solution provider of computer forensics, cellphone forensics and CCTV DVR forensics, SalvationDATA has never ceased to innovate and make our products more intuitive and powerful.

  • Home Office researchers have ranked fpNatural powder amongst the most effective techniques for developing fingerprints on the newly minted UK £5 polymer banknote. The Bank of England's decision to transition from paper to new polymer banknotes in the UK has created

  • In every branch of forensic science, we have to fight with the falsehoods introduced by the popular series la CSI (hence the properly called CSI effect), but probably this belief is the strongest in the field of forensic image and video analysis. From endless zooming from satellite imagery, to enhancing the reflection of a reflection of a reflection, to identifying faces or fingerprints at an unbelievable pace, we very often have to explain, even to the experts, what is science and what is fiction.

  • Securcube s.r.l., the leading digital forensics company in the field of cell site analysis (CSA) and BTS real coverage measurement at the crime scene, announces the latest successful projects: Securcubeâ®PhoneLog ADV, v 4.6 and Securcube®BTS Tracker standalone, v 1.0. The technology released, attentive to the daily investigative needs on global level, breaks into the market with an updated streamlined approach up to the latest digital forensics requirements.

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