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VERISIS A.S. is a 30 years old company mainly focused on developing solutions, consultancy and training based on Criminal / Forensic Laboratories.

CLIMS - Forensic Laboratories Management System is a complete Forensic Solutions platform which is for Forensic experts and Law enforcement Authorities to;

a) Identify victims and criminals of criminal/terrorist attacks faster and accurately.

b)            Decrease the number of unsolved cases.

c)            Decrease in time and money spent by security units for solving criminal issues.

d)            Increase in society's belief in security forces and laws.

CLIMS is a tool for Case and Workflow Management for all  laboratory branches like ;

Digital Forensics, DNA, Ballistics, Fingerprint, Biology, Chemical, Fire and Explosion, Forensic Medicine, Question Document, Audio / Video, Tools Branch, Toxicology etc.


United Kingdom
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