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Leec UK Ltd

LEEC have over 30 years of experience, designing and specifying not only Forensic Mortuary facilities, nationally and internationally, but Hospital Mortuaries nationwide for the NHS.

Managing Director/Owner Paul Venners is a co-author of NHS Building Note 20, (Facilities for Mortuary & Post Mortem Room Services) and an experienced past Home Office Consultant for Forensic Mortuary Design & Facility Management. 

Any high fatality event presents extreme challenges for responding Civilian Emergency, Humanitarian and Military services. In the worst case scenario, disaster planning and emergency preparedness requires the provision of rapidly deployable on site Forensic Mortuary services which are appropriately equipped and transportable to a range of locations with varying topgraphy.

Rapid secured recovery and care of the deceased is of paramount importance for the dignity of the victims and their Families and, depending on the circumstance, any ensuing Forensic/Criminal investigation which may take place, preservation of biological time sensitive evidence is critical.

On stand FE2 LEEC will present a mobilised, rapidly deployable solution for responding to high fatality events.

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