General Atomics

Stand: FE312

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems offers forensic imaging and detection systems designed to produce crisp, clear crime scene images. Our Full Spectrum Imaging Systems (FSIS) identify and capture high-resolution images across the UV, visible and IR spectrum. FSIS captures images of biological, chemical, pattern and trace evidence on items previously thought impossible, including flat, curved and textured surfaces using patented software with greater accuracy than traditional photo-stitching.  The FSIS Lab system is available with black and white, or full color cameras. Mobile and backpack options are also available for convenient in-field evidence capture and display.

Our CrimeCam Examiner+ is an all-in-one forensic camera and lighting system to detect, gather, and photograph crime scene evidence. CrimeCam Examiner+ makes forensic photography easier by combining a powerful camera with a single, “hands-free” Ring Light lighting source containing UV, Blue, and Bright White LEDs, providing users with greater flexibility and freedom of movement to illuminate forensic evidence.  CrimeCam Examiner+ is designed for 360° shadow-free lighting to view and capture images, including biologic, treated fingerprints, fiber, trace, bruising, and bite mark evidence.


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