Atola Europe Distribution

Stand: FE121

Fast forensic imaging - Even with bad drives

15 TB/hour  -  12+ simultaneous imaging sessions

Atola TaskForce takes evidence acquisition to the next level: image 12 or more drives simultaneously, hash, wipe with no penalty on the data transfer speeds

Meet Atola TaskForce, Atola's new forensic evidence acquisition tool capable of working with both good and damaged media
and achieving top imaging speeds on healthy drives.

About Atola:
The startup of two technicians and entrepreneurs in 2003 became in 2006/7 the company named Atola. Today Atola Technology Inc. is situated in Canada an is led by one of the startup members, its visionary CEO, Dmitry Postrigan.

He can rely on a number of outstanding technicians and a young enthusiastic team. You definitely may expect much more from Atola ! Come to our booth at FEE.


Atola Europe Distribution
A-Forensic IT-Service GmbH
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