2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


VR & Forensics: What are the benefits?

15 Sep 2021
Harnessing emerging technologies
Within the framework of the EU-funded projects MINDB4ACT (H2020) and JSAFE (DGJUST), the Italian Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with the Foundation Agenfor International, established the Forensic Laboratory ELPEF in the Prison of Padova, which has now been adopted by the National Investigation Department of the Prison Police (PolPen) and transferred to Rome.
In this session will present one component of the ELPEF - the new Virtual Reality Simulator, built to train police forces on the digital and mobile forensics tools used in the laboratory, using highly innovative learning solutions in VR and serious gaming.
The module we would like to present reproduces a virtual prison scenario, where the penitentiary police staff can search for evidence of radicalisation and terrorism. Moreover, the investigators are required to identify sources of digital data available in prison for investigations, including micro mobile phones illegally smuggled in and learn step by step how to differentiate preventive indicators connected to radicalisation from investigative evidence and apply the procedures to maintain the integrity of the forensic chain for the prosecutor office.

The module on mobile forensic extraction is developed within a Multi-Player Virtual Reality System (MP), which allows a high level of human interaction. In fact, the MP Platform allows the participants to take part in the course module from different geographical locations and it hosts trainees and participants worldwide within virtual rooms, which can be adjusted to respond to the users' needs. This technology allows a fully interactive virtual experience, in which users can communicate and talk to each other, but also fully interact by taking and moving objects, completing exercises and competing against each other for the highest score, all within common virtual environments in a deeply connected and human-based surroundings. The MP Platform component is used in combination with serious gaming solutions. Serious gaming in this context is used to increase the focus and the capacity of the trainees by enhancing their involvement and their engagement and, at the same, time by increasing the enjoyment of the learning process.

Participants are asked to move around in a prison cell, looking for a hidden mobile device, within a given timeframe.
As soon as they find the hidden mobile device, participants will follow each step of the forensic chain, in order to extract data from the device, and complete different interactive games in order to acquire knowledge and understanding of the forensic chain.
This product makes use of serious gaming applied in order to enhance the geographical reach, learning outcomes, and participant enjoyment of the training.
Serena Bianchi, Researcher and co-developer of security products - Agenfor International