2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


The importance of digital forensics in the maritime environment and shipping

16 Sep 2021
Forensics 2025: Where we need to be

Maritime transport, to date, covers 80% of world commercial traffic, for an amount of various trillions of dollars.

Modern ships are a concentration of digital technology that pervades in each ship-sector. In fact, today a ship represents:
- a network node (internet);
- a set of IT systems (which provide access to information and digital content);
- a concentration of OT systems (which control and monitor the execution of processes in Physics such as propulsion control systems).

Digital technologies play a key role for maritime transport, and considering the huge economy that revolves around the naval world there is no wonder if hostile actors show particular attention to the Naval systems.

In recent years there has been an exponential growth of computer attacks to naval infrastructures, aimed at data theft or damage to the systems, and the Companies often are not ready to face such challenges and totally ignore the basics of Digital Forensics.

In this presentation will aimed at making an overview of Cyber Security in the naval sector, focusing on how important is digital forensics in this area, in the light of the new sector regulations.

It will illustrate the critical IT and OT systems where today the AI could provide a considerable contribution.

Raffaele Olivieri - Grimaldi Group S.p.A.