2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


Frontline Mobile Forensics: The Next Generation

15 Sep 2021
Harnessing emerging technologies

Street level smartphone extraction to support incident management

Today’s digital forensic labs are already struggling with the volume and hiring more experts doesn’t solve the problem, it merely delays the overwhelm. The first generation of Frontline Forensic tools using Kiosks has proven tremendously successful for fast, efficient, and forensically secure handling of mobile devices at the local police station level. Using specialist distributed equipment for immediate extraction of mobile devices drastically reduces backlogs within the central labs, giving them time to focus on the more demanding locked and secured devices.

But sometimes even taking a device back to the nearest police station won’t meet the urgency of operational policing demands. Victims and witnesses in the street may not be keen to give up their mobile devices if it means they are without their phones for hours or days for forensic examination. Given that Policing depends on the cooperation and support of the public, something new is needed. To meet this demand there are now options for extracting witness and victim devices at street level on the fly, in order to provide vital intelligence or evidence for major incidents. It’s now possible to equip every patrol officer with the technology in a user-friendly app to easy and securely capture the evidence and feed that into the vast ecosystem of MSAB’s mobile forensics tools like XRY and XAMN to deliver cost efficient, court proven, forensic evidence.

Data in minutes, not hours. Meet Raven.



Martin Westman, Product Specialist - MSAB