2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


Keynote Panel: Harnessing emerging technologies for forensics and criminal justice

15 Sep 2021
Harnessing emerging technologies

The Keynote Panel on Day 2 will address some of the key emerging technologies that are most influencing the development of the forensic sciences. Most notably, this session will address the impact of AI and Machine Learning, including the opportunites and challenges they offer, with a focus on deepfakes and deepfake detection. Our expert panellists will address how forensic science providers can most effectively approach and integrate these technologies for use within the criminal justice system, whilst upholding the stringent processes that underpin the contribution of forensics to criminal justice.

The Director of Research and Innovation at the National Forensic Science Technology Centre, Gerry LaPorte, will lead this discussion to cover several topics that will be key to the effective understanding and application of these emerging technologies:

  • Sustained research efforts to strengthen the foundations for forensic science methods
  • Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for the forensic sciences
  • Potential issues of emerging technologies for law enforecment and criminal justice
  • Continued investments in new and novel technologies
Gerry LaPorte, Director of Reseach Innovation - Global Forensic and Justice Center, Florida International University
Robert Green OBE, Reader (Academic) - University of Kent
Zeno Geradts, Professor and Senior Forensic Scientist - Netherlands Forensic Institute, University of Amsterdam
Adam Newberry, Senior Lecturer – Forensic Investigation (Digital) & Staffordshire Forensic Partnership Digital/Cyber Lead - Staffordshire University