2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


Keynote Panel: Forensics 2025 - Where we need to be (and how we get there)

14 Sep 2021
Forensics 2025: Where we need to be

The Keynote Panel on Day 1 of the 2021 FEE Conference will focus on current global issues in the structure of forensic science and its role within the criminal justice system, including financial and physical resources, as well as people and skills. Day 1 will also address the progress that has been made in recent years and offer policy and strategy recommendations to help forensic science providers advance their working practices and capabilities, covering 3 key questions:

  • How do we validate new and existing methods to demonstrate their effectiveness to the police, courts, and public?
  • How do we better allocate existing resources to improve forensic service performance?
  • How do we gain resources and shift platforms to be better positioned for new service demands and disruptions?
Max Houck, international forensic expert - Forensic Science International
Richard Meffen, Director - NPCC Transforming Forensics Programme
Jan Collie - Discovery Forensics
Paul Reedy, Founder - 4th Street Global