2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


Intentional Firearm Microstamping: Targeting Firearm / Light Weapons Trafficking

14 Sep 2021
Forensics 2025: Where we need to be

This presentation will introduce, a powerful law enforcement and forensic investigative technology called Intentional Firearm Microstamping (IFM).  Once embedded and deployed into firearms and light weapons, IFM will provide data for identifying and tracking the sources of illegally trafficked firearms throughout the world.  Intentional Firearm Microstamping is a micro code technology that leverages a micromachining process to form optimally located, microscopic “intentional structures and markings” on components within a firearm. Thus, when the firearm is fired, these IFM structures transfer an identifying tracking code onto the expended cartridge that is ejected from the firearm.  Intentional Firearm Microstamped structures are alpha numeric and encoded geometric tracking numbers, linked to the serial number of the firearm.

IFM codes can be extracted quickly and used without the need to recover the firearm.  Furthermore, through the process of extraction, IFM codes can be quantitatively verified to a higher level of certainty as compared to traditional forensic matching techniques.  IFM provides critical intelligence capable of identifying straw purchasers, trafficking routes and networks across international borders and can be applied to military stockpiled firearms.  This paper will outline IFM applications for supporting intelligence led policing initiatives.


Todd Ethan Lizotte - TACLABS, Inc.