2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


Digital Forensics Readiness of Child Online Protection AI-based Applications

15 Sep 2021
Harnessing emerging technologies

As the number and variety of threats on the Internet is increasing every year, parents nowadays very often decide to protect their children by providing them with specially designed applications for this purpose. Although, these Children Online Protection Applications traditionally used filtering of non-appropriate URLs, recently Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach become popular, that resulted in the different aspects which must be considered in order to achieve Digital Forensics Readiness.

It is not enough to only recognize criminal activities and save artifacts in the forensically sound manner, but also Trustworthy AI principles must be incorporated. The artifacts collected directly by Children Online Protection AI-based Applications will be valuable only if these applications are resilient to cyber-attacks, provide explanations for their decisions, as well as enable the way in which the whole process could be traced and audited, while at the same time do not endanger children’s fundamental rights, rights for privacy, nor other legally binding acts. This presentation will discuss these important principles in the design of AI-based Applications for Children Protection on the Internet and offer new directions on how they can be achieved.

Marko Krstic PhD, Innovation Associate - Algolysis Ltd.