2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


A new approach to the Forensics Report

14 Sep 2021
Forensics 2025: Where we need to be
Forensic work develops on many levels: precision and care to collect and define each speck of evidence. Responsibility and professionalism needed to ensure the reflection of the truth, in order to assure the best possible understanding of past criminal scenarios. Hours and resources to grasp the potential of a finding. The expectations of all parties involved: victims and those tasked with judging a criminal case. The forensic specialist’s final report bears the responsibility of all these needs. This the basis of an extended project based on years of research, discussion with a wide array of law enforcement and academic specialists worldwide. Research and development of technology designed and developed in aiding the forensics specialist in organizing the evidence, research, and results in the most professional, clear, and understandable way possible. A new approach to performing the delicate job of the forensics investigator. We will share past experiences in mobile and digital forensics from the field to the lab, and finally in front of judge and jury, presenting the launch of software designed to aid in the creation of professional reports in line with International Best Practices.
Nicola Chemello, Chairman - Securcube srl