2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


A new approach to online collaborative training in forensic biology

16 Sep 2021
Collaboration across borders and disciplines

During the pandemic period, training activities did not stop. In Italy, UniBioFor, the Association of Italian Forensic Biologists, has produced a specific training offer for the specialized forensic biology survey in accordance with the standards of ISO 17.04:2012. This training activity, lasting 50 hours, has been designed in two parts: a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part has been delivered exclusively via online platform (for a total of 32 hours of lessons). The practical part is instead in presence. In this part the trainees will first have practical representation of the specialized operations of the forensic biologist in inspection activities and then they will perform these activities under the supervision of teachers. The final exam, also online, will be based on a multiple-choice test, an oral interview and the presentation of the specialist inspection reporting file in forensic biology to be produced by the students. The teachers of the course are highly qualified professionals with many years of academic and investigative experience (the Director of the Course is Dr. Paola Montagna, Ph.D. former Director of the Forensic Genetics section of the Italian Scientific Police; the other teachers are Dr. Eugenio D'Orio, Expert in Forensic Biology of the Italian Judicial Authority, teacher at the specialization course in "forensic genetics" of the University of Naples and Director of the Bio Forensics Research Center and Dr. Francesco De Fina, member of the UniBioFor Board, with Master of II in Forensic Genetics and currently operator of the Italian Scientific Police).

The course has shown a double novelty: the first in the mode of delivery, online for 70%, and the second in the ultra-specialized topic treated.

The students who will achieve the course, continuing with their training, will be able to obtain certification of skills on the "specialized survey of forensic biology", an internationally valid document as issued by a third party recognized by Accredia.

Eugenio D'Orio, Director - Bio Forensics Research Center
Paola Montagna, Senior Forensic Genetics. Senior Consultant-free lance. Auditor-Trainer SGQ