2021 Forensics Europe Expo Conference Agenda


100x faster triage of computers and smartphones

14 Sep 2021
Harnessing emerging technologies

Over the last year there have been numerous reports highlighting the spike in online exploitation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today it's possible to access illegal child sexual abuse imagery and videos via leading search engines, with no more than simple search terms and three clicks. With such a rise in online harmful content, it has become increasingly important to have the ability to find evidence of child abuse on suspect's computers and devices as quickly as possible.We will explore Cyan Forensics' range of tools which can find evidence in just minutes, replacing processes that take weeks or months in a forensics lab.

Working closely to help law enforcement catch paedophiles and terrorists, Cyan Forensics delivers tools that place the investigative capability of cutting-edge digital forensic science into the hands of frontline police. Our technology has applications on-scene, in digital forensics labs and during the offender management process. Cyan's tools are proven on-the-ground within the UK and international law enforcement. The presentation will provide information about the technology and how it is already helping law enforcement in the UK and internationally.

The pandemic has increased cases of online exploitation and has shed a light on the terrible impact harmful online content has on its victims. Supporting law enforcement, social media and cloud companies find and block harmful content quickly, reliably and using scalable technology has never been more important. Cyan's rapid digital triage tools can streamline digital forensics processes and investigations.

Bruce Wilson - Cyan Forensics