Opening Panel: New Tech, New Threats

10 Sep 2020

AI and the Future of Forensic Science and Crime Scene Response

- Jeff Gurvis

Nearly every industry is rapidly adopting Artificial Intelligence to improve services and analytics. Forensic Science and Crime Scenes will be no exception. As technology incorporates these tools, workflows and methodologies will change, ideally for the better. This presentation will discuss what AI is and how it will impact forensic science and crime scene response. 


Deepfake – Digital Implications

- Adam Newberry

Deepfake technology (the replacing of a person within an image, video or audio with an indistinguishable likeness of another person via machine learning and artificial intelligence) is rapidly entering the digital domain, moving from theory and limited uptake by high tech users towards becoming more widespread and accessible by a large audience. Due to the media content it can be used to create, and the popularity especially within entertainment and the younger market that it is likely to obtain, it is inevitable this will begin to have a large impact within digital forensics, both from complicating existing offenses to also potentially causing a surge in currently lesser-seen offenses. This presentation will contain an over view of deep fake technology, and highlight the problems and trends that this uptake may cause to raise awareness within the industry.

Jeff Gurvis, Co-Founder - Visionations
Adam Newberry, Digital Forensics Coordinator – Service Development - Staffordshire Police