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2017 FEE Conference


Tread Finder, world-leading digital footwear capture in custody suites, automated pattern matching and evidence based crime scene searching to provide real-time intelligence to frontline

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In 2012, then DS Henderson, frustrated with quality of footwear evidence set out designing her own solution. Her vision was to revolutionise the in-custody capture process for footwear intelligence and evidence - essentially, she sought a "Livescan" eqivalent, for shoes. Researching the market place, she discovered scanning technology only available in China. She negotiated with the Chinese, arranged a UK presentation and persuaded the Home Office to support a proof of concept trial. The trial was an overwhelming success, increasing efficiency by 92%, reducing costs by 98% and leading to 212 detections. Having proved the benefits she then sought Police Innovation Funding to support software development, was successful and proceeded to build an App, now known as Tread Finder, linking together custody systems and the National Foowear Database. She further went on to conceptualise the possibility of algorithmic pattern matching to support quick time in custody coding and real-time intelligence searching. This development had never been done before. She applied academic theory to target intelligence searching parameters and supported this with evidence based research. The vision has materialised and T/DCI Henderson has delivered the technology to custody suites in London. The first 12 week live deployment has concluded and this presentation will provide an overview of the project from start to finish together with a demonstration of the end product.
T/DCI Julie Henderson, SPoC and Open Source Manager - Metropolitan Police Service

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