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2017 FEE Conference


Rare fungal spores enhance probative evidence in forensic palynology

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It has been demonstrated in many criminal cases that fungal spores add to the precision of palynological profiles.

These have enhanced evidence in cases of serious crime, and have contributed to convictions for rape and murder. Different fungal species have their own habitat requirements, and most are associated with particular plants. When identified to species, fungal spores can provide intelligence, and probative evidence. Some have such exacting requirements that they are recorded very rarely but, when found in forensic preparations, they can provide pivotal information. Examples from a series of cases will be presented to demonstrate the value of rarely encountered fungal spores (a) as trace evidence, (b) in provenancing materials, and (c) in locating specific places.

Prof David Hawksworth, CBE, Mycologist and Environmental Scientist.

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