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2017 FEE Conference


ISO17025 - working towards implementing minimum digital forensics standards in policing, opportunities and best practice

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John has been leading a national programme of work in England and Wales on behalf of the National Police Chief’s Council to provide help and support to police forces in preparing for the introduction of the new ISO17025 digital forensics standards. The standards will help bring about a radical change in the way police process digital evidence at every stage of a criminal case. Accredited by UCAS, the standards will introduce policies and procedures for in-house laboratories to standardise the processing of all digital evidence. John will give an overview of the implications of the new standards on ways of working. He will talk about the progress of the programme and the challenges and opportunities that it has presented for police forces.  He will also provide an overview of the ‘expert network’ that has been set up to support forces in getting ready for the standards and look at how this has provided positive benefits.

John Beckwith, Head of Forensics - Staffordshire Police and project advisor for ISO17025 National Police Chiefs Council

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