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2017 FEE Conference


Forensic mapping of crime scenes using laser technology

Conference Theatre
This presentation by Michael Allard of Northeast Diagramming Services will highlight new forensic mapping technology and software.

In this presentation, I will provide a comprehensive look into modern crime scene mapping technologies and will discuss the pros and cons of modern mapping tools. Since the history of crime scene investigation, the concern was how to best visualize the scene to the jury. When a crime scene takes place, the most important aspect is documentation to record the most accurate details for court. A scaled diagram allows the investigator to bring the scene to life in the eyes of the juror.

The changes in mapping technology, total stations, GPS systems, scanners, have been a useful tool in not only mapping the scene, but assisting in creating of more accurate diagrams. Indoor mapping has proven the be one of the more complicated scenes to document. New solutions have been introduced to allow the investigation to move more freely though the scene while gathering 2D and 3D data The Laser Technology TruPoint 300 is a laser measurement tool that provides X,Y, and Z mapping of the crime scene. This is a compact red dot total station which allows easy reposition through the crime scene. This system also allows for image collection of evidence and measurement information.
Michael Allard, Former Detective - Massachusetts Police Department

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