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Forensics Europe Expo, Olympia London UK, 21 - 22 April 2015

2013 Exhibitor List

Attending Forensics Europe Expo is the only dedicated forum to procure cost effective solutions for Forensics Analysis, Scene of Crime, Digital Investigation Services & Equipment and Lab Equipment.

Here is the list of exhibiting companies that took part in Forensics Europe Expo 2013:


3d3DHISTECH is a leading company in whole slide imaging, which has been developing hardware and software products for more than fifteen years. Our solutions, including multiple award-winning brightfield and fluorescent digital slide scanners and digital TMA machinery and application, cover the whole pathology workflow.







3M is a leading manufacturer and knowledge base in the safety market, at the forefront of product innovation. We strive to provide Health and Safety professionals with the support and confidence to protect their world.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); from full body protective coveralls to powered air and disposable respirators, eyewear, head and hearing protection products.
Address: 3M Centre Cain Road, Bracknell , Berkshire RG12 8HT

3M Helpline: 0870 60 800 60


absciexAB SCIEX is a global leader in the development of life science analytical technologies that help answer complex scientific challenges.  AB SCIEX is uniquely positioned to continue its global leadership in the mass spectrometry industry, building on a more than 20-year history of proven innovation.  For more information, please go to

Cheryl Goodall
Phoenix House, Lakeside Drive, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom, WA1 1RX
01925 236057
01925 236070


Agilent Technologies

agilentAgilent Technologies leads the industry with robust instruments that provide the ability to confirm and quantify thousands of substances. Our workflow solutions enable you to maintain stringent practices, from sample preparation to analysis, that stand up to scrutiny. When combined with our informatics architecture, you can manage large quantities of data while preserving the integrity and security of your results.

COMPANY NAME: Agilent Technologies
COMPANY ADDRESS: 5500 Lakeside, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Stockport, Cheshire, SK8 3GR
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0845 712 5292
FAX NUMBER: 0845 600 8356


Alec Jeffreys Forensic Science Institute

ajfsiThe Alec Jeffreys Forensic Science Institute is a multidisciplinary research and teaching centre.  The goal of the Institute is to bridge the gap between academic research and forensic practice by supporting forensic research and teaching across the University and making research and innovation available to key stakeholders within the Criminal Justice System. 




Ampac Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of packaging materials for the Security and Retail markets.  Our products protect, present and preserve our customers’ products in industrial, commercial and consumer markets.  Ampac is the largest manufacturer of Security and Retail products in the world supplying from USA, UK and Vietnam. It employs over 1,000 people with global sales for 2012 of $350 million. From our plant in Melbourn, UK we supply customers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. 

 Read the full company profile here.




AppliChem GmbH (Darmstadt, Germany) was founded in 1992 and belongs to the ITW group since 2012. The company produces Chemicals and BioChemicals for chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and medical research and production and markets them worldwide. The main product lines are:


AppliChem offers a wide range of biochemicals for biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology. A further focus at AppliChem is the development and production of decontamination reagents such as our trademark DNA-ExitusPlus™.


This product line includes chemicals and reagents such as standard volumetric solutions, acids and bases, ready-to-use- buffer solutions, dye solutions and many more. A major part of the Chemica products are manufactured in our labs.

Custom Synthesis and other Services

We offer single-step and multi-step synthesis, building blocks for combinatorial chemistry or even synthesis elaboration from concept to start-up.

AppliChem GmbH

Ottoweg 4

D-64291 Darmstadt

Tel.: +49 6151 9357-0

Fax: +49 6151 9357-11





ARRO SupraNano Ltd

ARRO SupraNano Ltd is the leading innovator in the field of fingerprint development and finger mark analysis. Our advanced technology based on SupraNano™ particles is revolutionising forensics and will boost the fight against crime and terrorism. A range of stable silica nano-particles has been engineered at the supra-nano scale to produce a targeted set of properties suitable for a wide range of applications. Powders and Suspensions have been demonstrated in several studies to offer a superior lifted print resulting in up to 40% better definition across a range of surfaces compared to standard commercial powders : Specially formulated to develop latent marks on non porous (e.g. glass, ceramics,) and semi porous surfaces (e.g. plastics, non ferrous metals,) up to twenty-eight days after deposition.



Attivio logoAttivio’s Active Intelligence Engine integrates information of any type, provides seamless access via search or your preferred agile BI and visualization tool and analyzes content and data from all repositories. With AIE, customers gain maximum value by connecting the dots across massive amounts of data, regardless of source or format.


Biotype Diagnostic GmbH

biotypeBiotype Diagnostic provides innovative solutions to the market to meet the demands of forensics and medical professionals throughout the world. One product, the Sampletype i-sep® system dramatically streamlines the off-line lysis portion of the DNA-extraction method. ONEprep enables furthermore high quality direct PCR amplification without DNA purification.


BM Polyco

PolycoPolyco are launching a new concept, Forensic Touch. It is a disposable glove designed specifically for use by frontline services to assist detection and reduce costs. At first glance it is undistinguishable from a standard blue disposable glove; however the surface has a unique texture which enables prints left by a wearer to be easily identifiable at the scene. Visit us on stand E27 for more information.


BVDA International

bvdaBVDA International focuses on the development and production of products for use in forensic departments of the police, forensic institutes, government investigation agencies, forensic service providers and educational institutions.

BVDA produces a wide range of products. Some examples are readymade reagents and dyes for the visualization of (latent) marks, fingerprint powders and silicone materials for casting tool marks and lifting of powdered fingerprints. The fastest growing product areas are the GELLIFTERS, which are used for the lifting of latent marks, and the GLScan imaging system, a system that ensures the ultimate result when imaging marks on Gellifters.

BVDA was founded in 1934 and has since been established in the Netherlands. The products are exported to a long list of countries across the globe through a network of local distributors and agents. In two countries within the EU sales offices are established, in Sweden and in Germany. The U.S. and Canadian markets are served from a sales office in Massachusetts, USA.


Carl Zeiss

carl zeissOptical and Electron Microscopy for Forensics – only available from Carl Zeiss Ltd

Light and electron microscopes are widely used for the analysis of very small specimens and the conclusive determination of the origin of many materials that are crucial to the chain of evidence.
The scanning electron microscope (SEM) resolves features as small as a nanometer for determination of shape and size. Under variable pressure (VP) conditions EVO MA is used for the  analysis of small fragments of non-conductive material on human soft tissue. In conjunction with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), the system  can determine the elemental composition of the samples.

Used in combination optical light microscopes such as  AxioZoom.A1, and a compound  microscope such as the Axio Scope.A1, allows for a wide range of forensic examination and analysis. e.g. Failure Analysis and Fractography,  Paint Analysis, Gunshot Residue, Forensic Toxicology are all possible. email:




Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is known for its technological breakthroughs in mobile forensics. Its Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) is used internationally by law enforcement, military, intelligence, corporate security, and eDiscovery agencies to extract data from legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

Iris Toledano

Marcom Manager l Cellebrite Headquarters
t. +972-3-926-0900 l f. +972-3-924-7104 l m: +972 54 323 5777
e. l
94 Derech Em Hamoshavot St., Petah Tikva 49130, P.O.B 3925, Israel


Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences Ltd

saliantSALIANT is an EU funded consortium of companies, academic partners and government forensic laboratories commissioned to develop a hand-held device for real-time analysis of trace levels of explosives. Based on proprietary antibody technology the device is reliable, simple to use, and capable of producing extremely rapid results.

It is ideally suited to deployment by Forensic Laboratory services and First Responders at crime scenes and terrorist incidents.


Consolite Forensics

consoliteConsolite Forensics is an innovative new company established to exploit new technologies in the world of forensic science. Consolite Forensics has already brought to market two revolutionary new products that are transforming their respective fields:

CERA is the new technology that reveals and develops fingerprints on fired cartridge cases.

HPS is a new development to automatically and consistently develop fingerprints on thermal paper such as till receipts.


Cranfield University

cranfield uniCranfield Forensic Institute is a leading forensic science research facility based at Cranfield University, Oxfordshire. We offer a range of specialist MSc and short courses in forensic sciences, including archaeology and anthropology, computing, engineering, ballistics and crime scene investigation. In addition to international level research and education, we also offer forensic analysis services utilising our state-of-the-art analytical laboratories.


CRC Press

crcCRC Press is a publisher of scientific work, publishing information in a variety of accessible formats. With a bestselling backlist of forensic science books, and new ones publishing each year, we are your exclusive source for the latest research. Visit our booth and receive our limited-time conference discount.


CSI Equipment

csiCSI Equipment, the oldest established forensic company in the UK, staffed by ex members of Police & Security Services are a team of enthusiastic experienced professionals, dedicated to the prevention and detection of crime. Our company offers top quality equipment, innovative solutions  to an ever changing field of criminal activity.



cybergeneticsCybergenetics TrueAllele® computer technology accurately analyzes challenging DNA evidence. Available as in-house product or outsourced service, TrueAllele provides objective DNA match statistics.  TrueAllele resolves DNA mixtures having two to six contributors, handles degraded and touch DNA, and offers kinship analysis. TrueAllele includes a probabilistic genotype database for informative DNA investigation.

Contact information

tel: 412-683-3004
fax: 412-683-3005


DNA Worldwide

DNA Worldwide

DNA Worldwide provide Europe's most advanced, DNA, Toxicology and Forensic Testing. Over twice the accuracy of other labs, fully accredited to European forensic standards and competitively priced. From complex DNA reconstruction, unknown substance testing to Europe's leading expert witness team. Please call us on 01373 800130 to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.



dupont tyvekReducing the Risks with DuPont

For over 40 years, DuPont, manufacturer of protective materials Tyvek®, Tychem®, Kevlar® and Nomex®, has worked with emergency services the world over to help provide protective clothing solutions for a diverse range of applications.

Whether it be handling hazardous chemicals or preserving evidence at a scene of a crime, personnel working in potentially dangerous situations, personnel rely on the innovative protective solutions from DuPont to keep them safe at work.

Utilising years of research and development and a strong understanding of emergency responders’ requirements, technical experts at DuPont have designed several variations of the coverall made of Tyvek® to address different needs. The range includes the highly anticipated Tyvek® Classic Xpert coverall, a new generation in protection in the Type 5/6 category that holds out 99.2% of dust and three times more liquid than its predecessor. It is lightweight and durable and it also incorporates innovative design features that ensure an exceptional level of wearer and process protection when working.

For further information visit,




ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. is a global industry-acknowledged expert in computer and mobile forensics providing tools, training, and consulting services to law enforcement, forensics, financial and intelligence agencies. ElcomSoft pioneered and patented numerous cryptography techniques, setting and exceeding expectations by consistently breaking the industry’s performance records. More info at


Eurofins Forensics

Eurofins Forensics lgoEurofins Forensics’ ISO 17025 accredited Forensic Genetics and Forensic Toxicology laboratories serve the police, the legal sector, the industry and private clients with a broad analytical portfolio. With over 13,000 employees across 170 analytical sites in 35 countries, Eurofins is a world leader in bioanalytical testing.


Expert Witness

EXPERT WITNESSExpert Witness are the leading independent providers of Experts and their services in the UK.

Established in 2003 we aim to promote our experts in a simple and convenient way via our website: which has a simple to use search facility that enables users to locate the right expert in the right area within minutes. Our website has been established since 2003, and we have been ranked top of google since 2006, we constantly monitor our web statistics and look to improve on our service. Our site can be viewed and used on ipads, android phones, iphones, Blackberrys and most hand held devices.

To further assist solicitors and legal professionals in finding the right expert, we run a free telephone searchline on 0161 834 0017. This is a telephone number where solicitors, barristers chambers, local councils, legal professionals and media can call and be provided with relevant experts details within 4 hours (most calls are replied to within one hour.) 

We also produce a hardback printed directory, this is easy to navigate and runs to over 1,100 pages. Its easy to use design lists experts and references over 18,000 areas of expertise.


Faro Technologies UK Ltd

faroFARO develops and markets computer-aided coordinate measurement devices and software. Portable equipment permits high-precision 3D measurements and comparisons of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, production planning, and inventory documentation, as well as for investigation and reconstruction of accident sites or crime scenes. They are also employed to generate digital scans of historic sites.

FARO provides a range of measurement arms including the new FARO® Prime providing highest accuracy, FARO® Edge, FaroArm®, FaroArm® Fusion, Edge ScanArm®, Laser ScanArm®, FARO® Gage, the FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D, the new FARO® Laser Tracker Vantage, FARO® Laser Tracker ION, and the CAD-based measurement and reporting software CAM2 Measure 10, CAM2 GAGE as well as the software SCENE for 3D documentation.

Further information:



Flir Systems

flirFLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of sensor systems that detect and identify unknown threats, narcotics and hazardous materials. Many of our  instruments are the most sensitive and selective in the world and detect/identify chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) threats to deliver superior situational awareness and actionable intelligence. Our threat detection sensors have multiple applications for facility security, checkpoint security, homeland security, border protection, airport security, force protection, forensic applications and environmental monitoring.


Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA)

FAPSA logo

FAPSA is specifically tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but welcomes enterprises of all sizes, from manufacturers, suppliers and service providers as well as academic institutions and interested end users.

A cornerstone of the association is the promotion and development of international standards for quality assurance and accreditation. It will encourage and assist members engage in collaborative research and development alliances with other members and universities.

With a monitoring and commentary service, it will provide a common SME ‘voice’ on forensic and policing issues. Member led special interest groups will provide a platform to express opinions.


Forensic Pathways

forensic pathwaysForensic Pathways, an international company, specializes in innovative software solutions for mobile phone analysis, as well as image and video analysis to the criminal/defence intelligence markets. In addition to software solutions we are also innovators of the transparent forensic stepping plate, used globally to prevent cross-contamination at crime scenes. Collaborating with end users in the development of product ensures that our products are designed not only for users, but by users.



Fox-IT Fox-IT prevents, solves and mitigates the most serious threats as a result of cyber-attacks, fraud and data breaches with innovative solutions for government, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, banking, and commercial enterprise clients worldwide. Our approach combines human intelligence and technology into innovative solutions that ensure a more secure society. We develop custom and packaged solutions that maintain the security of sensitive government systems, protect industrial control networks, defend online banking systems, and secure highly confidential data and networks. 



funeraliaWe are specialiced in manufacturing stainless steel furniture such as the Laboratory tables and Autopsy tables.

Morgue refrigerators, hydraulic body tray lifters, autopsy tables, washing tables, equipment for the anatomy,(students and doctors) forensic medicine and veterinary institutes

FUNERALIA® GmbH was founded in 1970. After the sale of the department of funeral home supplies the company concentrated on manufacturing and distributing medical engineering for Human – and Veterinary Medicine. More than 30 co-workers are employed for planning, production and assembly. The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and since July, 1st 2008 is a part of The Facultatieve Group.



fumecareFumecare, based in Formby, Merseyside is operated by Carol and John Haugh, whose work in the field of Forensic, Medical and Pharmaceutical laboratory containment systems began in the early 1990s when John became a director of Semper Products. More recently, he worked as an independent design consultant, handling sales and new product development projects for international fume cupboard manufacturers.

Fumecare Limited design, supply, install and maintain a full range of UK-made products. Since its launch, Fumecare has produced filtration fume cupboards and downflow benches for European healthcare facilities, bespoke workstations for a large engineering client in Hong Kong and forensic cabinets for law enforcement organisations in the United Kingdom and USA.

Fumecare specialises in Forensic recirculatory systems such as Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers, Evidence Drying Cabinets and Fingerprint Work Stations that do not require the construction of ducts or the use of air handling and extraction systems. As a result, its products can be installed very quickly with minimal disruption to working routines, and can even be set up as mobile units where required. Moreover, because they are not required to move large volumes of air, they tend to be much more energy efficient than ducted systems and can yield a corresponding saving in operating costs.


GE Healthcare

geGE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care.  GE Healthcare consists of 6 primary business units:  Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery, Clinical Systems, Life Sciences, Medical Diagnostics, and Integrated IT Solutions.  For more information, visit


Global Forensics

global forensicsGlobal Forensics supplies products and services to the forensics, security and law enforcement industries globally. The company was started two years ago by Mike and Diane Holden supporting the development of a new product utilising known technology to enable human identification using antibodies. Since then the company have taken on a range of products aimed at providing better efficiency to these agencies by selling technologies to save time and money.


Gradko Forensics

Gradko Forensics Gradko Forensics offers a fast and reliable routine drug analysis service providing identification, weight and purity for all commonly encountered drugs of abuse. Additional services include identification of cutting agents and adulterants as well as drug traces examinations. Our team of experienced Forensic Practitioners provide a comprehensive customer service with full chain of custody. Analytical results, including legal classification, are presented in Report or Evidential Statement format . Our trained Expert Witnesses are able to present evidence in court. We also offer bespoke services such as test purchase operations, festival drug testing and sales of detector dog training aids.


Guidance Software

guidance softwareGuidance Software is recognized globally as the world leader in eDiscovery and other digital investigations.

Our EnCase® software and Tableau hardware solutions provide the foundation for corporate, government and law enforcement organizations to conduct thorough and effective computer investigations of any kind, including intellectual property theft, incident response, compliance auditing and responding to eDiscovery requests—all while maintaining the forensic integrity of the data.


Hamilton Robotics Ltd

hamiltonHamilton Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic systems. The products range from unique, custom laboratory automation solutions (turnkey solutions) on standard applications validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as well as OEM solutions to the top ten diagnostic companies.


Horiba UK Ltd

horibaHORIBA Scientifics range of instruments includes Raman, Fluorescence, Forensics, Particle Characterization, and XRF. HORIBA products play an integral part in cutting edge research and development which is helping to raise the quality of modern life. Our Forensic light sources are the ultimate units in their categories featuring the most wavelengths and highest intensity. Our two new products FOCUS LED and Mini CrimeScope Advance are the results of our programme of continuous development, improvement and innovative research. HORIBA also offer an innovative Reflective Ultra Violet Imaging Systems (RUVIS), the SceneScope and we have established the "State of the Art" in Desktop Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS-APIS), PrintQuest providing the Forensic Professional with reliable quality products on time and on budget.


HWL Scientific Instruments

hwlHWL Scientific Instruments is supplying  high sophisticated active antivibration  systems for research and industry. 

Our systems ensure a totally vibration free basis for operating highest resolution  measurement instrumentation like :


Electron Microscopy ( SEM + TEM )


 Surface Metrology


No support media, like compressed air.



intaforensicsIntaForensics is a leading UK provider of Digital Forensic Services to the legal sector, police forces, local authorities and commercial organisations internationally.

Whether it’s Computer or Mobile Phone Forensics, support with a Cell Site Investigation, or providing Expert Witness in court; IntaForensics have a highly regarded reputation for delivering thorough, detailed and accurate Analysis and Reports.

You’ll also find IntaForensics supporting corporate organisations with Training, Security Assessments and Forensic Readiness Reports, as well as being home to Lima – the complete end-to-end Forensic Case Management System in use by International Law Enforcement, Forensic Service Providers, Government Departments, and Commercial Organisations.


International Lab Mate

International Lab Mate






International Labmate Ltd has channeled over 38 years of publishing experience into producing four market leading scientific journals for the international laboratory market: ‘International Labmate’, ‘Labmate UK & Ireland’, ‘Lab Asia’ and ‘Chromatography Today’. Each publication acts as a key informative purchasing tool for buyers involved in the scientific field and a crucial marketing platform for manufacturers and suppliers to promote their products.

The company also publishes news for separate markets, including; ‘International Environmental Technology’, ‘Asian Environmental Technology’, ‘Petro Industry News’, and ‘Measurement Analysis China’

Covering different geographical regions, the journals provide all the latest product, industry and business news coupled in-depth technical articles which aim to problem solve and address key issues at the forefront of the industry. The supporting websites, and, allow users to search efficiently for product information, obtain technical articles and respond directly to suppliers.



From our office in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, JEOL (UK) Ltd offer sales, support and applications training for a wide variety of scanning electron microscopes (SEM), scanning probe microscopes, transmission electron microscopes (TEM), NMR spectrometers, ESR spectrometers, mass spectrometers, amino acid analysers and semiconductor process equipment. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of scientific equipment, we are proud to offer our customers the highest level of sales and technical support maximising their investment in JEOL products.

Established for 40 years, JEOL (UK) Ltd is part of a worldwide network of JEOL companies, with their head office in Akishima, Tokyo.


King's College London

King's College London




King’s College London has been active in forensic science for more than thirty years and offers:

- Higher education: - the longest running MSc programme, accredited by the Forensic Science Society, offering an industry facing, research-led course with international placement opportunities and the chance to extend the research to achieve MRes qualification

- Research: King’s has internationally recognised specialist research groups covering evidence detection and identification, forensic genetics and epigenetics, explosives detection, environmental forensic science, drug analysis and analytical chemistry, offering research links with other groups and is part of:

- the Metropolitan Police Forensic Services and King’s College London Strategic Alliance
- the European Forensic Genetics Network of Excellence EUROFORGEN-NoE

- Two ISO17025 accredited laboratories

- Drug Control Centre, offering a WADA accredited facility for detection of drugs in sport, used in the 2012 Olympic Games
- DNA analysis at King’s, offering a world-wide DNA accredited DNA testing service with a wide scope

- Forensic DNA and chemistry services – scientists at King’s offer cost-effective specialist expert analysis and opinion for the criminal justice system in environmental drug and DNA contamination monitoring, and DNA specialist analysis for complex cases.



LabWare provides a fully integrated Forensic LIMS and Case Management solution, delivering advanced features for forensic laboratories incorporating case management, evidence tracking, workflow automation, dashboards, reporting and compliance.

LabWare is a leading global provider, supplying the award winning LabWare LIMS, services, training, and support to ensure Forensic customers world-wide obtain the maximum value from their systems.


Laser Innovations

laser innovationsForensic Laser Systems Manufacturer

Laser Innova9ons have been developing innovative lasers and laser products for over 20 years.

Revelation Scene of Crime Laser

The Revelation is the world's first five watt fully portable scene of crime laser.

Revelation 445

 The Revelation 445 is a new blue line laser. The laser weighs less than 3.8Kg and is battery operated. In addition to forensics we have also developed ground breaking products for entertainment, scientific research and manufacturing. Working from specially designed offices/workshop just outside Cambridge, England we are now on our fourth generation of forensic lasers. Working closely with existing customers, scientific research institutions and fingerprint experts, we have a range of products for use at the crime scene or in the laboratory.


LGC Forensics

LGC Forensics

LGC offers a comprehensive range of forensic science services, based on an extensive range of techniques. Our scientists use the latest innovations - often developed in-house - to recover evidence  and establish the facts of cases under investigation.

LGC Forensics delivers established and meticulously executed forensic science either at the crime scene or in one of our eight UK laboratories and will bring expert scientists to showcase their skills and case studies. From DNA to Digital to Ecology investigations, our industry leading professionals will be demonstrating their skills to provide an informative and engaging display at the inaugural Forensic Expo UK.  



MD5 - Digital Forensic Solutions

MD5 logoEstablished in 2003, MD5 is regarded as one of the leading Digital Forensic solution provider in the UK. Our extensive client list includes large multi-national businesses, government and law enforcement agencies, solicitors and accountants. Our fully trained forensic investigators have extensive knowledge and experience in both computer and mobile phone forensic investigations and regularly present clear, understandable evidence in a court of law. With a fully qualified solicitor as one of our Directors, MD5 have a wealth of experience working with legal practices, providing not only digital evidence forensics and E-Discovery services, but IT Consultancy and expert witness services as well. As registered Expert Witnesses we give our clients peace of mind that our findings are reliable and trustworthy.

MD5 is renowned for producing important forensic software such as Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC), a valuable tool which equips investigators to forensically view a suspects computer as it appears to the suspect.

As an ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 17025 and Investors in People registered company, we have the skills and resources to provide our clients with a professional and thorough service, every time.


Micro Systemation

micro systemationMicro Systemation is a global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination. Founded in 1984, our XRY software has been used by investigators since 2003 to quickly and effectively retrieve mobile data from a wide variety of electronic mobile devices including GPS satellite navigation systems. It has become the de-facto standard within the mobile forensics industry and used worldwide to investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud and fight corruption. In the UK alone, we supply 98% of UK Police Forces with XRY for mobile device examination.

Contact us at


MP Biomedicals

MP biomedicals

MP Biomedicals is a worldwide corporation committed to the development, manufacturing and marketing of life science and diagnostics products. The company is dedicated to providing scientists and researchers with the most innovative and highest quality tool, combined with superior service to aid them in their quest for ground-breaking discovery and turning the hope for life-changing solutions into a reality.

MP Biomedicals offers a line of more than 55.000 life science research and diagnostic products (in the field of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemicals, Rapid Diagnostic, EIA/RIA Diagnostic, etc…) that support academic and government research institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


Natural History Museum

nhmNHM Consulting use world-leading expertise in the natural world to provide forensic services where knowledge of natural history can contribute forensic evidence.  Services include entomology (using insect evidence to investigate time since death; human/animal neglect), anthropology (studying human remains), botany (diatoms, plant evidence), mineralogy, zoological evidence and wildlife crime.


Neogen Europe Ltd

neogenNeogen’s drug detection products are used worldwide both for human forensic and animal sport applications.  We are the worlds’ largest supplier of hair testing kits and our extensive range of drug detection ELISAs includes over 100 kits which can be used to screen over 300 drugs and/or metabolites.



niche visionArmedXperttm DNA analysis and mixture interpretation software is a casework validated fully integrated software solution beginning with a direct import from GeneMapper® ID or ID-X file, continuing with QA/QC controls, powerful matching features, mixture interpretation for three contributors, and robust statistical analysis tools including RMP and Likelihood Ratio with drop-out.


Nuix Technology UK Limited

Nuix is a worldwide provider of information management technologies, including eDiscovery, electronic investigation and information governance software. Nuix customers include the world’s leading advisory firms, litigation support providers, enterprises, government departments, law enforcement agencies, and all of the world’s major corporate regulatory bodies.


Oxford Instruments

oxford instrumentsOxford Instruments, a major UK company, provides a dedicated solution for the automated detection and analysis of Gunshot Residue using a general-purpose Electron Microscope. This product was designed in conjunction with leading forensic scientists to meet the requirements of GSR particle detection and characterisation, and conforms to ASTM Standard 1588-10.


Perkin Elmer

As a global technology leader, PerkinElmer is taking action to harness the power of insights and transform them into knowledge to deliver innovative, differentiated solutions for our customers. From critical therapeutic and disease research and prenatal screening, to environmental testing and industrialmonitoring, we are actively engaged in improving health and advancing quality and longevity of life all around the world.



phenom worldWith its market-leading Phenom desktop Scanning Electron Microscope, Phenom-World enables engineers, researchers and educational professionals to stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are continuously getting smaller. All Phenom desktop SEM systems give direct access to high-resolution and high-quality imaging and analysis required in a large variety of applications.


Qualtrax Inc

qualtraxCompliance Management Software

Now more than ever, companies around the world are feeling the pressure of safety and compliance mandates. Compliance is no longer the sole responsibility of a quality department—these pressures are felt across several departments in your organization. It takes all your departments to ensure compliance to regulatory standards is being upheld. Qualtrax compliance management software helps ease the burden by providing a complete document management and process automation software for compliance to industry, customer, and internal standards.

Qualtrax compliance management software enables complete control over the documentation that drives your business because it manages the document life cycle for you.



rofinRofin was incorporated in 1978 as a private company and has been involved in manufacturing forensic light sources and related equipment since 1988. Since then we have sold thousands of units around the world to over 77 countries.

We have continued to develop the product. The Polilight® PL6 (150W) became the PL10 (300W), followed by the PL500 (500W), the PL500 SC, the new PL500 (updated power supply and remote control), the Flare Plus and more recently, the Flare Plus 2, the photographic Accessory Kit, and the New Poliview.

Polilight has continued to maintain its position as the premier light source in forensic science worldwide.



Sarstedt is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of Laboratory Consumables. Our extensive range of Life Science consumables include products for molecular biology produced to the most exacting standards. These include our Biosphere® Plus and PCR Performance ranges which offer reliability, reproducibility and purity. Together with our range of Forensic Swabs, Sarstedt offer a comprehensive range of products for Forensic Science.



SLTN logo


SLTN Analytics is specialized in building search solutions for forensic investigations.  SLTN has designed and implemented search platforms to enable intelligence led policing for national, European, and international organisations. The leading application of SLTN Analytics is SELFIA. SELFIA is built on an entity based forensic platform. The application is developed in close corporation with senior management from leading international police organisations.


Spectra Analysis

spectraSpectra Analysis Instruments, Inc. is a leading provider of automated FTIR detection products.  When coupled directly to gas chromatography, the DiscovIR-GC is a fully-automated SOLID-PHASE GC-FTIR detection system.  It is capable of achieving the kind of rigorous, repeatable qualitative analysis that forensic chemists require for rapidly identifying unknown substances and accurately differentiating chemical isomers.”


Spheron VR

Spheron VR

  Spheron offer a complete new Digital Workflow for Crime Scene Documentation.

See how a Police or Forensic professional can login from their own desktop PC to experience a crime scene in ‘Virtual Reality’. The system allows virtual access back to a crime scene from anywhere at any time. Such a solution includes a world unique camera as well as a dedicated forensic software database tool. This approach can drastically improve efficiency and spread knowledge more easily with colleagues or third parties.


Staffordshire University

staffordshire uniStaffordshire University’s Forensic and Crime Science department offers a range of training and consultancy services in forensic science and criminal investigation.  For professionals, we offer tailored courses to meet the needs of industry, ranging from introductory through to advanced level courses. Delivered in state-of-the-art facilities by highly qualified staff for your Continued Professional Development (CPD) needs.


Starlims Europe

STARLIMS has nearly 25 years of experience helping laboratories optimize data accessibility, integrity, defensibility and long-term value. STARLIMS offers informatics solutions to law enforcement and military organizations worldwide, such as the US Army, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Maryland State Police. STARLIMS award-winning platform helped labs achieve their analytical, regulatory and business objectives.


Tetra Scene of Crime

tetrasocSince 1994 Tetra has been dedicated to serving and supplying professionals around the world.
An expert in the field or laboratory requires first class products that won't let them down, which is why here at Tetra , all of our products are from quality sources, manufactured to the highest standards, and then thoroughly tried and tested before we will put them in our Tetra catalogue.
We are more then happy to back this up with samples, so you can test our products for your own personal needs and requirements.
With our European head office based outside London and our north American distribution centre in NY province.Tetras products are recognised around the globe.
With international distributors assisting customers with product training and understanding our customer requirements, we are able to develop specialised Crime scene and forensic products to their exact specifications.
We are proud to be stockists of leading brands such as Dupont Moldex, Ansel protective PPE products and NIK , MMC and BDH drug identification tests . Additionally we have developed our own branded products which are now well established in the law enforcement market for their quality and reliability. These include Metra brand PPE  products, Mega Sack evidence bags, High Performance fingerprint Tape, fingerprint powder and ever popular Bigfoot shoe print range. All these are stocked in significant quantities to support rapid delivery.


The Forensic Science Society







The Investigator Magazine

investigatorThe Investigator is an exciting digital magazine and website aimed at practitioners and academics in the field of investigative practice from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and US.

Published quarterly and sent directly to key opinion formers and frontline staff, The Investigator contains exclusive features, latest news, supplements and jobs to keep you ahead of the game in this important area of policing and corporate investigation.

The Investigator is emailed free to subscribers on request and we currently have over 4500 subscribers from police forces in the UK as well as those in Australia, New Zealand and the US.


The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI)

Netherlands Forensic Institute




The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) is one of the world’s leading forensic laboratories.

From its state-of-the-art premises in The Hague, the NFI provides forensic products and services to a
wide range of national and international clients.
Using its expertise in over forty forensic disciplines, the NFI performs analyses in criminal cases,
provides assistance and advice to governments and maintains close relationships with industry,
knowledge institutes and universities. 

To make sure that its work remains at the forefront of developments, the NFI invests heavily
in Research and Development. In this way, it lays the foundations for the innovative forensic
methods and technologies that will play an important part in the coming decades.


TopAir Systems

topairTopAir Systems is a leading supplier of lab equipment solutions, including Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers, Ductless Fume Hoods and PCR Cabinets. TopAir is active across Europe, the Americas and Africa. TopAir's Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber develops latent prints from non-porous surfaces in a safe, controlled environment. TopAir conforms to relevant international standards.

UK Office

Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd, Elstree House, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1SD, UK




Topcon Europe Positioning BV

TopconTOPCON, an innovative and global market leading company, develops and manufactures precise positioning products and software solutions for surveying and civil engineering, earthworks and road construction, construction site management, mobile asset mapping, precision agriculture and GIS data capturing.

TOPCON’s product portfolio exists of high precision GNSS receivers, robotic and imaging total stations, laser scanners, mobile mapping systems and machine control systems supported by handheld controllers, desktop / field and management software, telematics and accessories.

Besides the sales, support and service of positioning products and solutions TOPCON is active in eye care and OEM business.


Essebaan 11

2908 LJ Capelle a/d IJssel

The Netherlands

 Phone: +31 (0)10 458 5077


Torchlight Solutions Ltd


Torchlight works seamlessly with clients and partners to deliver proactive effects that mitigate the threats posed by terrorist, insurgent and criminal groups. Torchlight's integrated counter threat services fuse traditional and emergent techniques from accross the intelligence, exploitation and law enforcement sectors in order to safeguard lives, organisations and reputations.

Read their full profile here.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


TUBITAK BILGEM ,a national research organization of Turkey, specializes on innovative technologies in informatics and information security. TUBITAK BILGEM supplies information security, cryptology, cyber security and defense systems solutions for public and private sector. In addition, we have high-tech Document Examination System which is used in forensics applications by the customers all around the world.



UKAS The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

UKAS operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and is a non-profit-distributing company limited by guarantee.


University of Central Lancashire


The School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences is the largest providers of higher education and training in the areas of the forensic sciences, policing, and fire safety in the UK. We are able to offer educational and bespoke training courses from certificate level through to taught masters and research degrees.


University College Dublin

University College DublinUCD is in the top 1% of the world’s universities and Ireland’s largest provider of graduate education.  The School of Computer Science & Informatics is host to the Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation, Europe's leading centre for research and education in this area.  Over 300 law enforcement personnel from 47 countries have participated in UCD's Masters programmes in cybercrime investigation and forensic computing.  Graduates include officers of regional, city and national police forces, defence, military police, government ministries, customs and border protection, as well as Interpol, UN, Europol and OSCE personnel.  Programmes include MSc, Graduate Diploma, Certificate and CPD options.




VERISIS  A.S. is a 25 years old company mainly focused on developing IT solutions  and  consultancy,  based  on  Criminal  /  Forensic Medicine Laboratories.   Our   Solution,   Forensic   Laboratories   Information Management System (CLIMS) is a complete case management system to provide a chain of custody with DNA, Narcotic Bank/Matching, Mobile CSI and several related add-ons.



VWR, headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, is a global laboratory supply and distribution company with worldwide sales in excess of $4.1 billion in 2011.

VWR enables the advancement of the world's most critical research through the distribution of a highly diversified product line to most of the world's top pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as industrial, educational and governmental organizations. With over 150 years of industry experience, VWR offers a well-established distribution network that reaches thousands of specialized labs and facilities spanning the globe.

VWR has over 8,000 associates around the world working to streamline the way researchers across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific stock and maintain their labs. In addition, VWR further supports its customers by providing onsite services, storeroom management, product procurement, supply chain systems integration and technical services.


WA Products

waWA Products supplies a wide range of innovative, top quality consumable forensic equipment which is backed up with a prompt delivery and a first class customer service.

Established in 1995, WA Products has evolved into one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry today, able to fully meet the demands of “Just in Time” ordering. Both UK and International clients can enjoy shipment of their orders to both single and multiple locations direct from our UK base within agreed turnaround times.

We aim to be recognised as the benchmark in the supply of forensic kits and consumable equipment that our clients purchase “by choice, not just by necessity". This statement is the driving force that motivates and guides us in continuously developing new and innovative products with the essential elements of best value always built in.

Our Company is well known for being Quality driven, offering equipment and services recognised to an International standard. Currently we hold ISO9001 Quality and ISO14001 Environmental certification with our manufacturing clean rooms certified to ISO14644 Class 5. With a strong adherence to the new PAS377 requirements, WA continues to set the quality benchmark for the industry.

Our extensive and strong distribution network has also played a substantial role in solidifying our position in both the domestic as well as international markets. Today, our products are used by law enforcement agencies all over the world.


Your Expert Witness

Your Expert Witness


Your Expert Witness is a quarterly publication serving the legal profession. Established for eight years, it keeps its readers up to date with all the latest news and views from the complex world of the professional expert witness and is available both in printed format and online via its website at

The website also carries a comprehensive online classified directory of expert witnesses operating in every conceivable sphere - both in the UK and further afield. Its easy to use search facility enables users to find the expert they need by both their specialist area and geographical location - if you need a ballistics expert in Somerset you can find one at the click of a button!

The magazine and the website both offer highly cost effective advertising opportunities for those wishing to promote their services to the legal profession.


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